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Matagorda Offshore Fishing Report
with Capt. Ron Frasier

Hook n Bulls final runs for 2016 summer season!

As the 2016 summer offshore season comes to a close, Hook n Bull has made her last couple of runs! This season has been one of the toughest fishing seasons in a long time! We had good weather, foul weather and fish that just was hard to catch! All the guides seem to agree about that fact! Slow bite in the morning and then you had to get all you could get before it was time to go in! It made it interesting! But all things considered, the season was fun, with great friends, some great fish, the comradery is really hard to beat! And I know the stories and the fish will grow with the seasons! From Hook n Bull and Capt. Ron to everyone that made it a great summer season "Thanks again"!



July 27 -- Working hard still pays off! Nice stringers!
The seas were nice, but I am sure all the guides will agree that the fishing was about a tough as it comes! All boats traveled a lot of miles and fished hard over the weekend and managed to pull off some descent stringers, but you worked hard for everthing you got! Hook n Bulls weekend started Friday morning, I went to the Shrimp fleet! On the way out, I stopped for some live bait, and maybe some ling! Sure enough, the ling were at home! So that started the weekend! Here is an overview of the three days! Thanks to everyone for a great time on the Gulf! Hook n Bull, Matagorda, Capt. Ron



July 16 -- Gulf fish is smoking and still warming up!
Matt Baker and two crews joined Hook n Bull and Dwayne Pesek (No Mercy boat) at the Matagorda Harbor for the last day of the 2016 Red snapper season! Both boats had a great day on the water, catching plenty of fish and actually had good seas for the first time in two weeks! We caught fish at ever location that we stopped! Hook n Bull started the day with a bang! We had just boated a good king mackerel and put the lures back out and had two rods go off! I looked out back and had two 6 ft sailfish doing aerial acrobatics, unfortunately one cut the other off in the fight, but we did boat one! We ended out with limits of snapper, king mackerels and revived and released a sail! Awesome day! Thanks to everyone on both boats, great job! Now that the snapper season is out of the way, it is "Tuna time!" and the dorados will become plentiful! So lets go, the fun has just begun!!!!!Capt. Ron



July 1 --- For the second time in a week Chris returns for another dose of the Gulf of Mexico snapper fishing! Now that's not a bad thing, I personally caught it thirty five years ago, it's a lot like gold fever! Once you contract it you can't seem to shake it! Chris brought his family down for a Two boat family day on the Gulf of Mexico! Seas were better than the week before and it was surely appreciated by both Chris and I! We caught snappers, king mackerels and a bonus ling! Had a ball, I certainly enjoyed spending the family day with Chris and his family! Thanks, Hook n Bull and Capt. Ron


June 26 -- The TDI crew are a glutten for punishment so they joined me for a very bumpy day on the gulf of Mexico. The snapper was plentiful, the king mackerels were illusive that day, but the barracudas made up for the action! I never knew anyone could have so much fun with the cuda's! The were hitting hard and doing all kinds a aerial acrobatics! We had a lot of fun even if the seas were big! Great time guys! Hook n Bull and Capt. Ron


June 24 -- Hook n Bull out for a day on the Gulf of Mexico for the 2016 summer red snapper season! We have found plenty of red snapper to catch and even though the King mackerels are being illusive, we have managed to catch limits, with a few cobia thrown in for a bonus! The most important part is everyone had fun, catching a lot of fish! Here is a few pictures of the trips of recent! Thanks everyone for the greats trips!
I enjoyed everyone! Hook 'n Bull/Capt. Ron




June 12 - The first week of the 2016 Red Snapper season can be summed up as absolutely awesome!!! Hook n Bull was out four days and took its fair share of fish! Limits of King Mackerels, and good size red snappers were plentiful! Bryan Hutson hooked and landed a 60 pound Warsaw for a bonus! Four great days with four great groups of people! Thanks for the great starting Week of the 2016 summer season, Capt. Ron!!!




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